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Disney Bans Junk Food!

7 Jun

Disney just says no to junk food

I’m so excited about this huge step forward towards combating childhood obesity.  Disney recently announced that starting in 2015 you will no longer see any foods/products advertised on their channels, programs, radio, website, etc that do not meet strict nutritional guidelines.  Not only does this mean no more sugary sodas, candy, and cereals, but also no more Lunchables (too much sodium) and Capri Suns (waaaaaay too much sugar)!

It won’t take effect until 2015 due to existing contracts, but it signals that some industries recognize not only the seriousness of the epidemic, but also the vital role they can play in bringing it to an end. I also hope that other media organizations will take note and do the same (I’m talking to you Nickelodeon and Cartoon Network!).  I applaud Disney for not taking the most profitable way out.  It is important to understand that until healthier options come out of these companies, Disney will be taking a major hit to their bottom line.

Most of us remember growing up with Saturday morning cartoons and being barraged with ads for sugary cereals that were

Mickey whipping up a healthier smoothie

sure to delight the taste buds with the unfortunate side effect of doing nothing for us nutritionally.  I hope that these companies see a dramatic drop in their sales and are forced to rethink their strategies.  I do not think that young, impressionable minds should be shown ads at all (of any variety), but I get how this world works.  I can only hope that companies go back to the drawing board and figure out how to make these types of products healthier.

This announcement comes on the heels of the NYC mayor’s proposal to ban the sale of all soft drinks over 16 oz.  I’m a free-market, minimum regulation kind of gal, and while Mayor Bloomberg might be well intentioned, government control never seems to work out well.  Check out this hilarious Jon Stewart’s Reaction to the Ban!

Think about it…would you just drop those sugar cubes in water and drink it? I didn’t think so…

I mean come’on they consider fries a vegetable in our schools, because at one point it originated from a potato (a starch veggie mind you, not even a green one!).  But the government should do something to incentivize people to make smarter choices. Hey we tax you for cigs and other bad things for you. Why not sodas?  You make a conscious decision to purchase it knowing that the bottled water would be cheaper (not to mention healthier).  Now will the ban be effective? Who knows, but it might cause people to drink only 16-oz of the sugary toxic crap instead of the average 32-oz. Only time will tell.  If you want a more in-depth report, I found this great one at the Daily Beast.

It seems that America has  little appetite for the government passing down mandates like God, but maybe if private industry puts company policies in place to help turn the tide, then that might do just the trick and be even more effective.

But the new policy from Disney definitely holds promise to help our young ones combat this obesity epidemic, and might even help their parents along the way.

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