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Is going Organic worth it?

29 Sep

Today’s latest trend is going Organic and all-natural.  But Organic comes at a cost. So just where is it worth it to splurge and forgo?  Now there are two reason one chooses to go organic, one can be for health reasons, one can be because of environmental. Or both! Personally, for me it’s both, but the focus on this blog is health, so I’m going to address the health benefits of going organic.

I’m a big proponent of avoiding processed foods in general.  Processed foods can cause blood sugar spikes and are packed with chemical fillers and crap that your body just doesn’t need!  So go all-natural whenever you can.  It doesn’t mean you need to run out and buy everything that’s labeled “all-natural”.  Just focus on what has been minimally processed. If it doesn’t have a mother or didn’t come out of the ground leave it out of the cart! Get whole grains, they have the nutrients that are stripped away in processing of white flour.

Organics…that’s the new buzz term in the grocery word. But just because your Mac&Cheese is now “organic” does not mean that it’s now magically healthy for you.  Organic simply means it was grown or raised without chemicals, hormones, pesticides, and antibiotics. The Mac&Cheese might not have any pesticides sprayed on the wheat it’s made from, but it’s still not a healthy option. Instead buy nonorganic whole grain pasta and organic tomato sauce.

The places you want to splurge on organics is with your milk & dairy products and all meats (beef should be grass fed!).  I strongly urge you to buy your dairy products as organic wherever possible, DON’T SKIMP!  Some recent studies have shown that our children are launching into puberty earlier and earlier and it could be because of the hormones that are found in the dairy we are consuming.  Especially for girls, a recent study showed a link between the risk of breast cancer and the age you enter puberty.

I recommend eating all fruits & veggies as local and organic.  But, I understand that budgets are tight these days, so buy organic fruits and veggies that you either eat the skin or the skin is thin and the rest of them you can buy non organic.  Try to buy fresh and local wherever possible! I even have my own garden that gives me fresh veggies and fruit all summer long and I know what’s gone onto my food!

Bottom line is: don’t buy into the hype food manufacturers are trying to build around their “organics line”.  They’re trying to ride the organic train, but what’s best for you health is to try to avoid the processed crap as much as possible regardless of its “organic” status.

I encourage you to watch Food, Inc. It revolutionized the way I thought about food. It’s a must for everyone!

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