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Blue-Green Algae Dangers

20 Feb

I recently came across an article that I found extremely disturbing.  Proponents of blue-green algae claim it to be “nature’s perfect food”, but a study released by the University of Dundee begs to differ. They found a link between cyanobacteria (blue-green algae) and neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s and ALS.  The reason the two are linked is because blue-green algae may produced a toxin, BMAA, linked to contributing to neurodegenerative disorders.

Blue-Green Algae is widely used in dietary supplements and is purported to performing a range of tasks from preventing cancer to boosting one’s immune system.  Cyanobacteria is frequently used in food products and labeled as “non-animal protein source”.

What is the bottom line when it comes to Blue-Green algae?  Avoid it!  You can get all the nutritional benefits it may provide from other fruits, veggies, and lean protein sources.  Check the ingredient lists of your processed foods and put it back on the shelf if it says “non-animal protein source”, or better yet skip the processed junk and eat whole!  Even if it turns out there really isn’t a significant link, do you really want to take that risk with you brain?

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