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Watch HBO’s “Weight of the Nation”

15 May

HBO’s Weight of the Nation aired the first two parts last night (watch here).  The final 2 in the series air tonight on HBO and you can watch them tomorrow. I haven’t watched them yet, I plan to tonight after work, and I’m seriously looking forward to it.   Let me know what you think of them!


Keep on Sweating!


HBO’s “Weight of the Nation”

7 May

HBO is releasing what looks like is going to be a fantastic 4-part documentary on the Obesity Epidemic that is plaguing our nation.  Parts 1 & 2 premiere May 14th at 8pm and parts 3 & 4 on May 15th at 8pm.

Below is the trailer:

You can watch it for free here if you don’t get HBO.  Join the movement people! Both literally and figuratively!


HEALTH SCARE ALERT! 42% of nation to be obese by 2030, study predicts

7 May

What are YOU going to do to reverse this trend?

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