My First (and unbiased) Shakeology Review

28 Sep

So I had my first sip of Shakeology the other day, and I’m here to give you a full and un-biased report.  The short-story?  It went from kind of gritty to actually quite delicious!  Surprised? So was I.  Before biting the bullet I tried to do research on what Shakeology actually tasted like, but what did I keep finding? Team Beachbody Coaches going on and on about how amazing it was!  Now full disclosure I am a Beachbody Coach, but I promise to give it to you straight because I don’t want people to have to struggle to find the truth among the “Buy Shakeology from me because it’s great!” folks.

So I whipped up a chocolate Shakeology the other morning. I tried the Chocolate Peanut Butter Shake that comes on the recipe calendar that came with my order.  First thought? Hmm realllly chocolatey and had a slight grit to it. So I blended it some more and the grit taste went away. So it was much better the next sip. Now I’m a chocoholic (as are many women and some men too!) so the chocolate taste was great for me, but my boyfriend? He said it smelled like Ovaltine aka too chocolatey.  So clearly the Chocolate Shakeology was not his thing.  But it sure is mine!!!!

The bottom line is Shakeology is a personal decison. It’s a costly upfront investment ($119.99/month on home direct), but if you think about it, it is a meal replacement, so it is like having lunch for $3.99/day for 30 days.  So it’s not too bad if you have the money upfront every month and you’re not living pay check to pay check.   I am on home delivery alternating every month with Chocolate & Greenberry. I will give my review for Greenberry when I get it next month!  BeachBody has a new flavor coming out, Tropical, which I have on good authority is by far the best tasting Shakeology to date, so I’m looking forward to trying that out the moment it gets released.

Just what is Shakeology?  I’ll write a post shortly explaining what Shakeology is, but if you need to know NOW, here is my site where you can find out more about Shakeology and purchase it if you like. I highly recommend purchasing it on Home Direct if you’re going to order, you get free shipping that way!


**UPDATE 10/3**: So I keep trying Shakeology and depending on the recipes it can taste kind of chalky if you don’t have enough extras added in. Which honestly seems a little counterproductive if it’s supposed to be an all-in-one scoop shake.  I’ll keep using it since they have the bottom of the bag guarantee and I’m trying to give it a fair shot, but I might be reverting back to my usual fruit smoothies with Whey. 🙂


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